The Hands

 Get to know the hands behind your products. Who they are, their stories, what inspires them.


LGD, SandraPicture of a woman looking towards the right with a outdorsy background.

Sandra is a young adult woman whose passion for unique and beautiful accessories took her to initiate a project and back-then a hobby: create her own jewelry. She began playing with the possibilities by choosing colors, fabrics, materials and other elements. As she made them, her coworkers praised her abilities to construct these beautiful pieces and the person who instruct her how to do so, congratulated her talent. Soon, she needed to give a name to what she was beginning to construct, so she decided to call it La gloria de Dios, God’s glory in English, inspired in the uniqueness of the products and the wholesome majestic experience she believes in, God’s own glory manifested in the final result.

Ten years ago, she began and she hasn’t stopped learning, as today teaches other women alambrismo (wire wrapped), an ancestral technique used commonly to create art in jewelry. She also includes different cultures, as she buys from local artisans as well, from the Wayuu community of women.

Overall, La gloria de Dios is a legacy, because Sandra involves her family in the process, father, daughter and son, all join to the creations, and is a way to honor God’s given word.


MCK, Julia

Tow women walking down stairs wearing jeans and colorful tops

Julia is the head of MCK Design, a brand for fashion lovers. She began designing clothes 8 years ago, following her intuition about what is trendy and chic for women. Following, MCK Team decided it was best to commercialize clothing by gathering the best looks from different parts of the world and with high-quality providers. This is how they worked during years, by selecting prime outfits for different occasions and constructing a view of what is versatile nowadays.

Afterwards, Julia led her team to build a new challenge for MCK: designing the clothes from start to finish, including their own fabrics. This is how she created great value and delivered the best of every fashion tendency by carefully studying what is in and out and understanding what today's women need and contributing to their glow.

Julia could not have pull it everything together on her own. She backs up in a team of women, all of whom participate in every step of the process and who also represent their households. MCK Design represents a view for women by women and is their intended focus to keep on growing and support their development in today’s world.