Clickstream Performance Review

OmniStudio is a powerful automation suite and one of the key products of
Salesforce Industries and Communications Cloud. Not following best
practices with OmniScripts and other OmniStudio components is a common
reason for poor performance. Measure and diagnose performance of
Communications Cloud and OmniStudio components with our Clickstream
Performance Review.

EPC Product Modeling Review

Enterprise Product Catalog (EPC) is the heart and core of a
Communications Cloud implementation. A poorly configured product catalog
will result in a poorly performing production system that doesn't
achieve business goals. Designing an effective, performant, and scalable
EPC requires careful consideration of various factors. Ensure your
product catalog is following best practices with our EPC Product
Modeling Review.

CPQ Design & Implementation Review

Salesforce Industries Configure Price Quote (CPQ) is a powerful quoting
tool for selling complex products and services. CPQ is tightly coupled
to the Enterprise Product Catalog (EPC), so it is critical to get both
right. Ensure your CPQ processes are following best practices with our
CPQ Design & Implementation Review.

OM Design & Implementation Review

Salesforce Industries Order Management (OM) design is pivotal in
satisfying customers with timely fulfilled orders and avoiding order
fallout. Striking the right balance between front-end agility and
back-end operational efficiency is crucial. Ensure your OM design is
following best practices with our Order Management Design &
Implementation Review.