Clothing Care

Here in Kdo, we care about protecting your garments. That's why we want to share the following instructions for your presents to have a long lasting quality life. 

Review the product description and follow the instructions bellow in accordance with the clothes material. 



Red silk piece of fabric 
 Better handwash inside out in cold water.
 Use liquid detergent.
 Avoid soaking for long periods of time.
 Make sure to revome all traces of soap when rinsing.
 Do not wring.

 Photo by Jackson David on Unsplash    



Set of crepe fabric pieces color beige pilled up
Better handwash on cold water.
Turn inside out.
Use liquid detergent.
Avoid soaking fo long periods of time.
Make sure to revome all traces of soap when rinsing.
Do not wring .
Do not put them on dryer machine.

Photo by Joyce Romero on Unsplash


Intense light green piece of fabric
 Machine wash using cold water.
 You can use softener.
 Does not need to be ironed.
 Or iron it at  a low temperature.

 Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash